“ASPire Life  - we leave the public to define individually what it means to them. For us it is about doing what we put our minds to in this life.  Our focus is to deliver a quality product that is appealing and cutting edge. While focusing not just on our bottom line, but also on giving back while we grow in the public’s eye. We like what other companies are doing for the less fortunate in other countries and we want to take a similar approach, but our focus will be on the inner cities first.

Our partners are New Yorkers that know there is a huge amount of talent and potential in our inner city but these talented individuals don’t always have the necessary resources. We look to change that by doing what we can to help those less fortunate, starting with small steps. ASP LIFE is about showing that we can all do our share to impact our surroundings, and maybe one day, the world.  Until then we ask that anyone who wears our product do so with the intent to improve the community one good deed at a time. Post a positive act that you have done on our blog, twitter, Facebook or instagram. We want to see what our followers are doing and how they are impacting their respective neighborhoods.

For every piece of merchandise purchased we will donate clothing and imperishables to the homeless and underprivileged.  Keep up with us on social media to see what we are up to, and post your own updates!